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Good Drunks?

Writing in the local paper. Local Issues with a global take. I never translate literally and the editor trims at will to make it fit. Here's my version, then theirs, which can now be seen online  (in Spanish) as well. 

I have two passports, two nationalities and yet, for years, I haven’t been able to vote in either country. Canada, where I was born, only recently overturned a long-established law that stated that if you hadn’t lived in the country for five years, you weren’t eligible to vote. Then, in the run up to the Brexit vote, knowing which way the million and a half Brits living in the EU and the two million more living elsewhere would surely vote, the government voted down a bill that would have scrapped their fifteen-year limit to voting rights for its citizens living overseas. Indeed it’s only thanks to the comical farce taking place in the UK over Brexit will I still be able to walk up the hill to the Diputacion *my polling stations) on Sunday and exercise a right denied …

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