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Floating the Channel in Penticton, B.C, Canada

Inching along at a crawl, bumper to bumper and the only thing you feel is...peace, quiet, and the gentle lap of water on your pedal foot. After all, this is not your everyday crosstown traffic. Under the summer sun, skip the gridlock and get to Skaha Lake by floating down the four-mile waterway that cuts Penticton in two. The flow of this jam is at the whim of the water, and serious sunburns can set in before you bob to the end. An option is to get off halfway and have a friend pick you up, or get Coyote Cruises to rent you a tube and take you home. This way, the only puncture you'll have worry about is one that will definitely get you refreshingly wet.

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The Siesta Taxi

Writing in the local paperLocal issues with a global take. I never translate literally and the editor trims at will to make it fit. Here's my version, then theirs.

Like it or not, the first and last faces that visitors encounter when arriving someplace new are its taxi drivers. And while the vehicles they drive around the world vary enormously, the drivers themselves often share at least one common characteristic, they like to talk. A trait that can come in handy to a travel writer trying to discover that special something beyond what you can see in the tourist brochures.The other day as I was leaving Madrid and came upon the unexpected closure of the blue metro line (1), I was forced to jump a taxi to get to Atocha in time for the slow train to Caceres. Our driver was at the end of his shift and his rolling commentary about the goings ons during the previous night’s Gay Pride march was infinitely more entertaining than the insightful analysis I would later read about in the news…