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Otras Luces

Writing in the local paper. Local issues with a global take. I never translate literally and the editor trims at will to make it fit. Here's my version, then theirs.

I write this from a cold damp grey dormitory city on the outskirts of Cologne, Germany. My wife,
being as persuasive as wives tend to be, somehow convinced this affirmed climatic refugee to go
against my natual winter migratory instincts and head north for the holidays. It's not my first time in
this country and while my German is limited to about ten words, the majority of them numbers, I
can't say I feel more foreign here than I do anywhere else. That said, I can't help but compare my
surroundings with the city that I now call home, Caceres. Even moreso when you consider the easy
scapegoat that Frau Merkel has become in these times of crisis for those less propensive to self-reflection.

I'm certainly no fan of the Troika and, like you, had about as much to do with the bank bailouts, failed toll-roads…